dimanche 26 novembre 2017

CHAMIER video by Roc'n Potes Blog

Hi guys,

Here, on the Castebloc blog, you have a short video about the Chamier bouldering spot where I already spend a lot of time to clean up, to make terasses for a better landing. Well! I am glad to see friends around the Ardeche region coming more often to participate at the developping the spot.; Thank you guys! I appreciate!
Chamier # 2 from seb Ranc on Vimeo.
Just for information, names are missing because I did forget to call each boulder and also because I am slowly preparing the guide book!

 Have nice day Philippe Ribiere

dimanche 10 septembre 2017


A lost tape ...
WILD NEW YORK 2015 from Info RIBIERE on Vimeo.
Short visit of one week in the New York city to meet Mattia Comte, the italian gangsta short. After 3 months trip in Bolivia, Peru, Colombia and Mexico, I went quickly to Shawagunks to catch myself to work on the V7 boulder which it is an huge step on my climbing. Yes, because I have been more than 10 years ago with the Petzl Roc Trip in Gunks. On this time I was not so strong but I could still do some hard moves ahaha :-)

Nothing special in the film, except that I met good american climbers in Brooklyn Climbing gym where I made a slideshow.

After it, good diner with Jesse Rodriguez and Mattia Comte. Coola but I went after to Martinique island where I can see myself to drink cocktails on the beech for the New Year Eve Though life :-) Philippe Ribiere


A short film about the GAME CHANGER, new boulder in Chamier
Soon you will be welcome !!

Philippe Ribiere

samedi 12 août 2017

Gift of the August month

Sorry guys,

I always forget that not every one is on social networks.

Despite my slow motion actions, I share with you the latest movies I made for social medias are from my boulders paradise where you will be welcome to climb with your friends and I.

By the way, I wish you a good end of the summer.

lundi 19 juin 2017

DWS : Arc Bridge

On the 15th June, Chris Sharma came to visit the France and especially the Ardeche region where is located the famous "Pont d'Arc". For your knowledge, you also can visit the preserved figurative cave painting in the world which is the most prehistoric art sites.
So after a quick phone conversation, I joined my french friend, Fred who is the writer of the Grimper mag and he proposed some time ago, the project of climbing this arch to Chris. I went dow from my mountain to have a photo-shotting with the King. Glad to have the honor to participate at this session and for sure to meet my friend after while. I will know explain everything about the ascent of Chris in the arch because you can read at the french website of GRIMPER
After two days, we met for the last day without any photographer or filmmaker to enjoy our climbing without any pressure. Chris decided to look forward a new line which makes me psyched to find my way. So much excited, I pick up my climbing shoes and other gears to attempt my first try. Waow! I am getting back my old feelings from the 2007 in Majorca. 

I just find out that my history with the DWS was wrote after that Chris established the Es Pontas line. Coincidence or not, I opened a long 6B to the left of Es Pontas line and this year, Chris climbed the highest line that he never made. As a teenager, I am enjoying the experience like I never quit it! Amazing sensations when you climb up under the flat river and the rock is not clean as well because pigeons are on the small terraces to make their cocoons. What is incredible with this practice, it is to combine the bouldering practice with the soloing without "risks". There are always risks in every practice but this one is mixing with also the soloing. Maybe the comparison is not with right terms but I guess you get my point.

After the leaving of Chris, Pol Roca and Ricardo, I am focusing my last two weeks to try my line as I could before the tourism invasion.

Keep cross your fingers for me annd thank you to have read me :-)

Philippe Ribiere